Saturday, July 30, 2011

Viewer Poll: Video Blog Posts

I recently had the privilege of meeting Michael Dunaway, a director who's producing & directing a documentary on food in New Orleans (but that's another blog post all together). During our 2 hour conversation about food, writing, New Orleans and the like, he inquired what I ideally would like to do with my life, a typical discussion post graduation. 2 beers into the conversation and with little else in my belly, my answers became more and more honest. When discussing whether I'd like to continue writing about food I found myself saying that I'd rather have a television show.  To be honest, I was even surprised to hear my own answer. But Michael was thrilled to hear it and convinced me to give it some thought. Though I think it would be awesome to be the next Rachel Ray/ Anthony Bordain, I'm pretty sure this pipe dream is far out of my reach. But nevertheless, I've been entertaining the idea of starting short video blog clips (the director's idea) to go along with my regular posts. 
At the moment I don't have any idea what the theme or concept of the video segments is going to be, so I'd like to hear my readers' input! What do you think I should dedicate these short clips to? Are you opposed to the idea all together? Should I make the clips non-food related, dedicating video time to crafts and household tricks (like Martha Stuart)?  Or would you rather see footage of the restaurants I review? Let me know what you think! 


  1. Videos sound awesome! It would allow your audience to see portion sizes, restaurant scenery/decorum, and let you crack some jokes too.

  2. Jenny-I have just met you, and judging from your background about the two exciting places you've lived...your heritage, you have a huge info out there to talk about.
    I think you would do an excellent restaurant review, throwing in some funny comments. It would be a great addition to your blog.
    Do what comes naturally to you...either way you will be a great success, with looks, and personality, and not to forget the "natural talent" Can't wait to see the video clip:D

  3. thanks for all your encouragement! I think settled then, video clips are underway!