Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fried Chicken Day!

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day I think we all should rejoice in all that is fried birds! That means Popeye's, Willie Mae's Scotch House and corner stores galore!!!!! Click on any of the links above or below to be directed to my posts about all these lovely fried chicken distributers!
You can't go wrong with a good ol' box of Popeye's. Cajun fries, buttery biscuits and fried chicken! SCORE!!!!! And don't forget their red beans and rice, often called the best in the city (I'm not kidding)!
Willie Mae's Scotch House has my favorite fried birds in the city, flaky and crispy on the outside and buttery and soft on the inside. It tastes like a heavenly heart attack.
Or if you're looking for something cheap and easy and want something that's not Popeye's, you can always head over to your neighborhood Brother's or Krispy Krunchy!

So go have yourself a feast and celebrate this wonderful holiday!

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