Friday, July 8, 2011

1,000 Hits In Under a Week!

After 7 months of steadily growing in popularity I think the Hungry Heretic is finally picking up speed. We got over 1,000 hits in under a week this week! And it is all thanks to all my loyal friends, family, and random folks who accidentally stumble on this site and keep coming back fro more! Thanks to all your support I now am being published in places other than my own blog!!!! Yipeeeeeee!
To celebrate the recent success I figured I should include some never before seen pictures of delicious food. The best kind of porn is food porn, enjoy! I've taken the liberty to plan out your friday in case you're at a loss of what to do with the best day of the week. First things first, you always have to start off your day with a healthy (or not so healthy) breakfast. I'm feeling a little rebellious today, so I'm going to recommend probably one of the least healthy breakfast options (aside from the Paula Deen Brunch Burger), a McGriddle! My good friend Jenn and I have been weening ourselves off these things for months, but they're so gosh darn good! Warning: the sweet and salty combo mixed with crispy bacon and syrup infused hot cakes is dangerous: they ARE addictive. But they come with southern fried chicken now so I need to go to Mickey D's ASAP and get me one of those bad boys!!!
McDonald's on Urbanspoon
If you wake up too late for breakfast you can always go straight to lunch, especially if you're going to be eating BBQ! Voodoo BBQ is by no means the best BBQ in the city, but it does the job if you have a hankering and you're on St. Charles. Their Jerk Chicken is my favorite thing on the menu, and the corn pudding is soooooooooooo good! Sweet and buttery like all the best things in life!
VooDoo BBQ & Grill on Urbanspoon
For a midday cocktail definitely head over to Cure on Freret and get a fancy cocktail for only 5 dollars during their happy hour special. I love their Pimm's Cup, the cucumber is super light and refreshing, great for a hot summer day.
Cure on Urbanspoon
Finally, for dinner head on over to the CBD to Rock n Sake, a fun sushi bar that's great for large groups. Honestly, the music is a little loud for me and the sushi isn't the best you can find but their BBQ eel roll is super tasty and their drinks are even better! Plus, they are just a hop skip and a jump away from Vic's Kangaroo Bar, Lucy's, and even the Republic or Red Eye, if you're feeling like having one of those nights.
Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi on Urbanspoon
Happy Friday Everyone!
Drink Responsibly, Eat Lavishly and Dance your Ass Off:
A Recipe for Success!


  1. hello there to all, i just want to say that it sounds like a well set up schedule for a friday. I would also like to let you know about a new spot i found in metairie on david dr. it is called Chill -N- Grill i think this place needs to be checked out by someone and fast, the food is great and well priced, i had the hotsy burger with cheese fries, 20oz drink for under 8 bucks

  2. That sounds awesome, I'll defintely have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!