Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Website Edition

Now that the Hungry Heretic is getting more publicity I figured I had to spruce things up a bit and make my website nice and fancy like all my favorite food blogs... so with my limited knowledge and endless patience, I figured out how to make a page bar! As you can see, there are now pages which organize both restaurant and recipe by cuisine. I am planning to also create a tab that organizes restaurants I've reviewed by neighborhood, but that one may take a while. But that's only 3 more tabs and I can have up to 9 more!

So I need all of my trusty readers' help thinking up more idea of what to put in my fancy new site. Here are some examples yall can vote on: "Photo Gallery"- of the best pics I've taken, "Favorites"- Restaurants/Bars..., "Mishaps"-photos and mini descriptions of food gone wrong, "Contact", "Guest Blogging Corner" (where any of my readers can submit their own food discoveries)... there are so many options! If yall think of anything crazier/funnier/trendier/etc let me know and I'll use your idea!

So the next time you're bored in traffic you know what to think about. You can tell me your ideas by just commenting on this post (on blogger or facebook), tweeting it to me @hungryheretic or email me @!

Happy Eating everyone!

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