Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Creole Creamery

If you're like me, and you love nothing more than ice cream and strange food concoctions, go no further than The Creole Creamery. This may in fact be my favorite place in the entire city, which can be validated by the friendly staff. I like to show my face at least once a week, but when I'm feeling blue it tends to be around 3 times a week! My frequent visits are due in part to the fact that one of my childhood best friends works there (Hi Michal!). But I fell in love with the Creamery long before Michal started working there.

They serve up just about the strangest flavors you could think of. I thought their Fig & Goat Cheese flavor was odd years ago, but its seems they have only become more wild and crazy over time. Just this summer they came out with a Foi Gras flavor - seriously! And it was good. Due to the expensive key ingredient a sample of this exotic flavor is 50 cents, but honestly that's about all you'll probably want. It tastes incredible, but foi and ice cream are about the two heaviest ingredients I can think of, together they are a heart stopping, artery clogging mastermind, but pretty darn tasty. 

One of their classic flavors (and my 2nd favorite) is Creole Cream Cheese. When paired with their Lavender Honey (my #1 favorite) it is out of this world. But really all of their flavors are awesome! Even the alcohol infused ones. 
I'm such a fan of their newest flavor: White Chocolate Truffled Popcorn that I wrote a whole article about it for OffBeat magazine. Click here to check it out!  
So if anyone ever wants to take me out for a treat, you know where to go! 
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  1. Oh, Jenny. Why do you torture me like this.

  2. So that you'll come back and visit and have the tea party that we've been meaning to have for 4 years now (with lavendar honey ice cream, of course)!