Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking With Jenny: Chinese Hot Pot

Disclaimer: For those who just recently started following the Hungry Heretic you should know that although I love food and I love cooking, I am no professional chef. In fact, the majority of the dishes I make (and share with yall) are my favorite recipes because they are both tasty and easy to make! That being said, this blog is not a tutorial for a pro chef, merely a means of sharing fun and easy delicious recipes (and restaurant reviews of course)! 
Now that that's out of the way, on to chinese hot pot! Growing up, my dad used to make this traditional chinese soup about once a month, and it was my absolute favorite dinner he made. I've included his recipe below, but I made a little last second chinese hot pot of my own the other day that veered away from his recipe a bit. For my recipe I used 1 onion, 1/2 a green cabbage, 1 can of oyster mushrooms, hot pink flowery fish cake from Hong Kong Food Market, instant pho paste, "better than bouillon" chicken soup paste, and udon noodles. But if you'd like to make this dish I'd recommend following my dad's instructions! 
Chinese Hot Pot Recipe by Alan Sklar: 
1.In a wok or if you do not have a wok then in a large pot, bring several cups of vegetable or chicken broth (using bullion cubes or packets of powdered broth) to a boil.
2. Once boiling add mix in one or two raw eggs.
3. You can put in hot sauce and/or Maggi Sauce for better taste.
4. Then add and cook in the broth all or any of the following:
Bok Choy (baby or otherwise)^
Napa Cabbage*
Ginger (cut into small pieces)
Garlic (cut into small pieces)
Mushrooms (of all kinds)
Snow Peas
Fish Cakes (from Chinese store)
Dumplings (from Chinese store)
Any kind on Chinese noodles»
^ Put in first so it cooks through.
* Put in towards end of cooking so it does not get too soggy.
» Goes in to cook at very end --  after you have served first helping.

Below is a sped up video of my hot pot preparation as my first video installation for the Hungry Heretic! I hope yall enjoy it, all feedback is welcome! 
If the video doesn't load you can watch it on youtube- Hungry Heretic: Chinese Hot Pot.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for an easy to follow video. The pictures looks delicious too, tempts me to also try this at home.