Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coquette Happy Hour!

Tomorrow is Wednesday (Wednesday) and Thursday comes after...wards We-We-We We so excited, We so excited, We gonna go to Coquette Happy Hou-errrrr! It's Wednesday (Wednesday), gotta get down on Wednesday, lookin forward to some cocktails. Which one should I pick????

Yes, that was a shout-out to Rebecca Black's super overplayed "Friday"... I was actually starting to miss it! But seriously, tomorrow is Wednesday, aka hump-day, and July 13th, my birthday! Among the many fun shenanigans I may find myself doing tomorrow on my celebratory day I may in fact end up at Coquette for one of their two incredible Happy Hour specials! Unlike most bars that only reserve a few hours for drink specials, Coquette hosts day-long Happy Hours! Every Wednesday from open till close they serve 5 dollar glasses of wine, and every Thursday offers any of their specialty cocktails for just 5 bucks also!
But wait, there's more! Aside from their incredible variety of affordable fancy beverages they also serve delicious food. Awesome, right?! You can read more about their food here in my newest article for OffBeat magazine. Enjoy!
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