Monday, July 18, 2011

Jamaican Vibes Restaurant

For those who don't know me well, I have a guilty pleasure to share with yall. I LOVE Reggae, all things Jamaican, and of course, Bob Marley. This rasta love began when I was a small kid playing with my mom's old tape player. Among the piles of old terrible albums I somehow managed to find a Bob Marley tape from the early 80's. From then on I've been hooked. The rhythm and soft melodies trapped in Rasta lala land, and to be honest, I never want to escape.
Along with my love of Jamaican music, my taste buds have followed suit. As someone who adds hot sauce to already "spicy" dishes, Jamaican jerk is one of the few things that is spicy enough for me and still maintains a really good flavor even with that extreme kick. So of course, on our way back from Florida we HAD to stop at Jamaican Vibes Restaurant, an unassuming shopping center eatery located in Mobile, Alabama. As soon as we walked in I knew I was in good company. Between the Bob Marley music, and the many pictures of the man himself, it was clear that the owner and I have similar interests. When I went to the counter to order the friendly man behind the counter took the menu away and asked me one important question, "Do you like spicy or seasoned? " (seasoned being the nicer word for you cant handle the heat!). Without hesitating I answered spicy and he told me to sit down and he would take care of everything. For future reference if anyone ever says this to you, just say yes (unless you have dietary restrictions). The chef knows best, if he tells you to order something, get it!
As I waited for my surprise meal I sipped on some incredible Jamaican juices and listened to the soothing reggae, my kind of afternoon.
Within minutes I was staring at a feast of jerk chicken, rice and beans, cabbage, corn bread, and a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. Everything was fantastic, and there was so much food! Definitely enough for two meals, and it was only 10 dollars! I cannot recommend this place more, it was fantastic. Relaxed, easy, affordable, and though the word isn't used often to describe restaurants, it was HAPPY!

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