Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Horinoya: absolutely the best sushi I've had in the greater New Orleans area.
The pictures say it all.
Now that's what I call sashimi.... melt in your mouth, perfect cuts of raw fish, yummmmmm.
Great for a date night or a business lunch!  

Check it out!
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And for your entertainment, you may want to watch this hilarious video from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, about a real live shushi lady!!! Click here for the youtube link.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Era

I have good news and bad news... Bad news is I no longer have much time to write these lovely posts, but the good news is I still have a million gorgeous pictures of scrumptious food that I just can't let go to waste. So for the time being, the Hungry Heretic is going to act as a gastronomic photo diary. I know that photos are at least 90% of why most people like food blogs so hopefully no one will be too disappointed. And to kick off this new phase of the Hungry Heretic, feast your eyes on the tantalizing pictures of Lilette, one of my favorite restaurants in the city, starting with my favorite dishWhite truffle parmigiano toast with wild mushrooms, marrow and veal glace -12- I'm literally drooling.

Raw fish plate of the day -13- (2nd best appetizer I've had)
Potato gnocchi with sage brown butter and
parmigiano cream -9.5-

Raw salad of brussel sprout, beet, onion, fennel, carrot, arugula, hazelnut and Banyuls vinaigrette -9.5-
 Bouillabaisse with lobster, scallop, cod, shrimp, clams, mussels and Alaskan king crab claw in a saffron-lobster broth with rouille crouton -38- 
Yummmmmm!!!!! Pricey but soooo good and enormous! It's big enough for two if you get apps. 
 Paneed black drum with Israeli cous cous, leeks,
tomato and ver jus mussel butter -28-
 Grilled Hawaiian fish of the day with braised escarole, 
sunchoke puree and satsuma-basil butter -31- The Basil was overwhelmingly delicious!
Quenelles of goats cheese crème fraiche with poached pears, pistachios and lavender honey -8.5-This dessert was what made me decide that Chef/Owner John Harris and I have the exact same taste in food, palette soul mates if you will. 
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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Company Burger

Out of all the articles I've written for OffBeat Magazine, In Good Company at The Company Burger has definitely received the most attention, and that is likely because these burgers are so darn good!!
Their classic Double is dripping with gooey delicious melted cheese, and topped with homemade pickles and farmers market red onion. Just look at it, it's practically begging you to take a bite of it.

Throw some bacon on top of that and you will literally reach palate nirvana. 

Their onion rings can convert even the most hard core dieter into a fried food lover. After taking one bite of these sweet crunchy red onions I decided to never have a white onion-onion ring again. Whoever thought of using red onions is a straight up genius. 

And in case you're more of a breakfast food lover you can always get a single with a fried egg and bacon on top (only $3 extra for both)!

And these are just the simple options, just wait till I try their lamb burger! If you don't believe my rave reviews you better go try it for yourself!!! Read more about it here: In Good Company at The Company Burger. Enjoy!!!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

NOLA Princess Parties

I recently started a new business and am launching my site today! Drum roll please..... I now am not only a food writer/waitress/non-profit slave, I'm also a party entertainer! Not just any kind of entertainer, a Princess Party Entertainer! This business venture is not exactly traditional, but it has been a pipe dream of mine since my 7th Birthday Party, when I had my very own Aladdin and Jasmine impersonators (a.k.a. my babysitter and her boyfriend).  So I am finally pursuing my dream career from childhood (yes, I am that desperate for extra cash and a job I can have fun with). I know many of my friends will laugh when they read this, but I need to spread the message on the web so I can get more customers!!!!

 is tailored to girl's Birthday Parties, but I do all sorts of parties. Just name the occasion and I'll likely have a costume for it!

So tell your friends, sisters, brothers, parents, children, teachers, neighbors... There's a new Party Entertainer in town!

Check out www.nolaprincessparties.com to find out more about packages, booking, themes, and costumes!

Spread the word!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eating Miss Piggy: Cochon Butcher

To celebrate the new muppets film coming out I think everyone needs to go to Cochon Butcher and indulge in some of the best cured pig you will ever encounter. Just listen to the description on their website and drool over these mouthwatering photos: "Inspired by old world meat markets, Chef Donald Link + Chef Stephen Stryjewski’s Cochon Butcher in the Warehouse District specializes in house made artisan meats + sausages made on premise." Old world meat markets? Hell YES! They must do some Voodoo magic on their pigs because this meat is so heavenly it'll have you dreaming about it melting in your mouth for months to come.
The sandwich featured above is just about the most feminine pork prep I've ever tasted; succulent pork belly, fresh mint, and cuecumber give Miss Piggy some good competition for the daintiest pig around. It's litterally mind alteringly good.
If you're more of a Porky Pig kinda guy then you must try the Cuban with cochan de lait. It's just the kind of meal that warms your heart and soul. If comfort food and sandwiches had a baby it would be this cuban. It's like a hug from the inside. Try it. You'll thank me.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

East Buffet

Are you tired of eating at home? Can you only afford an appetizer at most restaurants? Don't worry, me too! That's why I've been on a serious hunt for affordable dinning in this city. In my most recent OffBeat Magazine tell-all A Buffet Revival at East Buffet I wrote about my rediscovery of all-you-can-eat buffets.

I was always a bit on the snobby side of the pan-asian buffet scene, but my tight budget led me down to Severn in Metairie and right to East Buffet. I was stunned to find some really tasty food displayed  under the glaring heat lamps.
  East Buffet carries all sorts of different delicacies and cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Korean Hibachi, American, and tons of boiled Seafood.

Their salad bar had a wide array of different ethnic salads including Japanese seaweed salad, Vietnamese pickled carrot and Daikon and Korean Kimchi.

East Buffet had all the usual Chinese-American dishes including lo-mein, fried rice, and as many different styles of chicken as you can think of. 
They also had Tempura fried vegetables, green beans and many other hearty green vegetables (covered in super unhealthy sauces of course).

I was a little hesitant to try the sushi... something about all-you-can-eat and raw fish just doesn't seem to mesh well in my mind, but I decided to try it anyway and it was actually pretty good, not great, but good. And they have an entirely deep fried spicy crawfish roll that I think should definitely be at the next Louisiana State Fair!

Watch out Texas! This might be more unhealthy than deep fried butter!

 The best roll I had was the tiny seaweed salad and cucumber roll shown above... it actually was better than the seaweed salad itself.
Aside from sushi and Chinese, East Buffet is well worth your money for the seafood alone. Crawfish, shrimp crab, clams, octopus, everything!
The octopus salad was great with some soy sauce!
They even had pork buns!

And fried food galore!
Definitely not a healthy place to eat, but very tasty.
And their dessert is not much healthier: Chinese Doughnuts and Froyo! Yummmm!
 So don't let being on a budget be a buzz kill. Find out more about prices, hours and location (and what I thought of the food) in A Buffet Revival at East Buffet.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

WHO DAT @ Tracy's

Need a good spot to watch the season opener Saints game this week? 
Head on over to Tracy's on third!
Tracy's is a relaxed Garden District Bar and Restaurant that has dozens of flat screens and serves phenomenal roast beef po boys, which isn't surprising considering it's owned by the previous owners of Parasol's (as you can see by the parasols hanging from the ceiling).
Their debris fries are also delicious, and even better with nice cold beer.
So if you're looking for a great sports bar to scream WHO DAT in this thursday, definitely consider Tracy's. But make sure to get there early so you score a table!
Bon Appetite! 
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