Monday, April 25, 2011

Strawberry Festival!

Ponchatoula Strawberries! Lots of 'em, sold in every shape and form imaginable. Strawberry beer, tea, snow balls, smoothies, and so much more. Home made jam and jelly in every strawberry infused flavor possible even pepper jelly!

Just an hour away from New Orleans, the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival is a local favorite. The small town hosts thousands of people for this lovely Spring festival, completely transforming the town into a strawberry heaven.

I couldn't pass up the chocolate covered strawberries. The white chocolate covered berries drizzled with milk chocolate were scrumptious. I don't always enjoy chocolate covered strawberries because the berries are too tart, but these were perfect. Plus the heat melted the chocolate so that they were more like fondue dipped berries!

One of the most popular strawberry delicacies was of course funnel cake topped with strawberry sauce and gobbs of powdered sugar. Funnel cake is a must at any carnival, fair, or festival but I decided to pass this time so I could save some stomach space for other delightful treats.

Such as deep fried strawberries! I was thrilled when I saw this tasty bite size dessert at the fest. I really shouldn't be surprised, it's a fair in small town Louisiana of course everything is going to be fried! And it was smashing! Coated in a thick layer of cinnamon batter and fried crispy brown, then topped with powdered sugar. It was like eating a strawberry stuffed beignet. Yummmmy!

Not surprisingly, there were many more deep fried delights for sale. The blooming onion was quite beautiful but my tongue led me to the fried pickles (which were WAY too salty, but I still enjoyed them).

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