Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eric and Jenny's Fabulous Food Adventures

Since I started this food chronicle in January I have always had two very loyal partners in crime, my roommate Mackenzie and my boyfriend Eric. Of course, I have already written extensively about Mackenzie's role in my culinary journeys, but Eric's only cameo was in the fertilized duck egg post. Contrary to how disgusting balut actually was, he usually has pretty good taste and is filled with great ideas of where to get rare and interesting cuisine. So between the two of us, we come up with some pretty epic dates.

The HungryHeretic should honestly be called the Fabulous Food Adventures of Eric and Jenny (and Mackenzie of course)! One or both of them is present for at least 99% of what I post. Banh Mi picnics, Parasol's, Restaurant des Familles, basically anything that sounds awesome was probably Eric's idea. So of course we had to do something fun and delicious yesterday for his birthday. And what better than frying shrimp?!?!

Growing up in Vegas and LA in a Kosher home didn't exactly give me many opportunities to fry shrimp so last night was actually my first time (which is shocking to most New Orleanians). I got to peel em', shake em up in flour, dip it in a nice egg wash and toss it in some seasoned fish fry. I let Eric handle the cast iron skillet, but I did flip a few of them myself! They were actually really good. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but it's always a little surprising when a guy my age can actually cook.

We put our crispy fried shrimp on some fresh french bread, which we buttered and warmed in the oven, and then dressed our po boys with remoulade, creole tomato dressing, and sriracha (of course). It was REALLY delicious, and way easier than I thought it would be to make it. We didn't even have to use a fire extinguisher.

Our po boys were even better than the one we got the day before at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company, and that one had coleslaw on it. And it trumped their famous thin fried catfish (and that stuff is mighty tasty).

New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Company on Urbanspoon

Shrimp po boys plus Abita Strawberry and caramel turtle brownies (which I made for dessert), we were both in taste bud heaven. Not to mention the fudge brownie nut blue bell ice cream... mmmmm I'm literally drooling thinking about it.

And this was just the low key birthday celebration, we haven't even had doberge cake yet from Dorignac's. Wait until you hear about the food on friday!

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  1. Looking forward to gastronomic debauchery when we come visit. Bring on the food!

  2. Oh you should definitely be excited!!!! I plan to be constantly eating or drinking something the entire time you're here. How long are you visiting for?