Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dat Dog!!!!!

Whether you like hot dogs or you thinks they're disgusting, I guarantee you will LOVE Dat Dog, the adorable new restaurant on Freret. They serve up 10 varieties of hot dogs and sausages (all for 6 bucks or less). On top of these succulent links they pile the complimentary condiments high. The beautiful picture speaks for itself. This hot dog was seriously orgasmic. This Louisiana Hot Sausage is topped with horseradish, creole mustard, onions, chives, and diced tomatoes. This darn thing was so delicious I seriously found myself silent for just about the entire time I spent eating it. That good. Honestly the best part was the sourdough bread. So soft and squishy, the perfect amount of chewiness and fluffiness, it was like the best piece of bunny bread you could ever wish for, a little cloud like puff of sourdough goodness. I'm determined to find their bread supplier and make some bomb french toast, garlic bread, PB&J sandwiches, and texas toast with it. Definitely a new spot that everyone in the city should check out.
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  1. I'm a fan as well—the polish sausage is obviously really good. Also, if they're having a slow day, you can ask them to grill some onions for you :)