Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boyfriend Brownie Points

To celebrate the opening night of my final Choreographic Production at Tulane University Eric found the perfect way to combine his romantic and creative side with a fun foodie twist.

As you can tell from the background of the site, I LOVE bacon. I can eat it any time of day or night and with all sorts of different foods. Sweet, Salty, Spicy, you name it and I'll probably eat it if it involves bacon. (Which is why Eric and I are contemplating finding a Denny's for their Baconaillia Bacon Fudge Sunday).

So to stay in the performance gift tradition Eric gave me a bouquet of red roses... made of bacon! This wonderful surprise scored him some super brownie points (with me and everyone else I've bragged about the roses to). But he promises they were a sinch to make.

Apparently all you have to do is get an extra small cupcake tray and a bouquet of fake flowers. Then roll slices of bacon the way you would roll a cinna-bun and place the rolled bacon in the cupcake tin. While you're cooking the bacon in the oven remove the flowers from the fake bouquet. Finally, after the bacon has cooked and cooled simply pop the tiny rosette bacon on the pointy stem and prepare yourself to wow your girlfriend. Not all girls love bacon as much as I do, but you really can't go wrong with something that creative and thoughtful that looks like a dozen roses (plus if she doesn't like it you still get to eat bacon!).

Who ever thought bacon could keep the romance alive! Enjoy!!