Monday, April 18, 2011

The Grocery

There are two things in this world better than happy hour specials: Living Social and Groupon. For those of you who are not already signed up with these two lovely websites DO IT. Each site sends you an email with their daily deal. These deals often offer a service for half the price of their retail value. This includes spas and salons, vacation packages, and my favorite, Restaurants!

I first discovered the magic of these websites this summer when my lovely friend Joanna invited me to a fancy dinner to redeem one of her Living Social deals. After eating slow cooked pork belly and creamy polenta for half the price I was sold.

So I went right ahead and registered for this lovely service and now I buy deals all the time. The cupcakes in the last post were actually bought with a deal and so were the delicious sandwiches displayed here. The deal that led me to these mouthwatering sandwiches was an offer from The Grocery on St. Charles. Now this isn't any grocery store, in fact its not a store at all, it's a tiny sandwich shop famous for their pressed sandwiches and po boys.

Their list of pressed sandwiches is incredible, it took me literally a week of pa rousing their menu to decide what I wanted to try. In the end I settled on the alligator pork sausage melt, and it was AWESOME. Just spicy enough that it didn't extra condiments or hot sauce and somehow it the perfect amount of cheese, enough that it fully coats every bite, while also not overwhelming the sausage (and spilling everywhere).

We also tried the shrimp triple decker club sandwich, shown above. It was was fantastic. Very fresh and crisp, perfect for a hot day. Even Eric liked it, and it had avocado and bacon (two things he doesn't really like).

Another Living Social/Groupon success, time to buy some more!!!!
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