Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Shed

6 weeks after visiting the happiest place on earth I am finally ready to write about it. Now I'm not talking about Disneyland, I'm talkin Mississippi BBQ. And not just any BBQ, ribs! From none other than the SHED. This Mississippi gem has been featured on the Food Network and the Travel Channel many times, and has been #1 on Mackenzie and my list of restaurants we NEED to go to. So we finally made it! And let me just say that we were not disappointed in the least.

Since it's around two hours away (and we didn't know when the next time we'd be there) we decided to get the party platter, which has a little bit of everything, seriously! Ribs, Sausage, Brisket, Chicken, Pulled pork, Texas Toast, Baked Beans, Potato Salad (with bacon), and Coleslaw. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped. The Ribs and the Sausage were my top two favorites but everything else was incredible too.

Definitely finger lickin good, maybe even plate licking good. Between that and the eclectic building built and decorated with entirely recycled materials (aka other people's garbage) I was absolutely in heaven. I want to live there one day. Or make my own mini shed in New Orleans so I can get mighty tasty BBQ and then have beignets for dessert!

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  1. Crazy, I just saw your napkin on the ceiling the other day! Love this right up, gonna post the link on our facebook page, again Thanx for Gettin Fed at The Shed. Don't forget to check us out this May on Best in Smoke on food network. May 8th is the first show, 9CDT.

  2. Come on down again! We will let you live there, teach you how to BBQ ShedStyle and then you can open yours in NO!!! :0)

    Thanks for the great article!

  3. Oh my gosh, don't tempt me I legitimately will never leave!!!! I've never been so excited to read a comment. I will definitely take you up on those BBQ lessons... and maybe even the future franchise in NOLA! I'm sure I'll be back before June, your ribs are too hard to stay away from!!!!

  4. Hey Yall! I'm heading back to mississippi (and the shed of course) and I would love to take you up on that BBQ lesson if you're free! I'll be in ocean springs from Friday to Sunday, and I would be happy to share all my new photos on an updated Shed post for the Hope Yall are doing well!