Thursday, April 7, 2011


Thanks to Steve Jobbs the word Macintosh now has two meanings. ever since I was young I never seemed to enjoy that ruby red variety of apples; I was however a very devoted Mac Store customer, until about three months ago.

When I first heard the clever little name for Apple Computers I thought it was cute, little did I know that there was in fact a similarity between the crisp red fruit and the sleek white laptop. It turns out they both have an expiration date! And as my computer approaches the dreaded 4 year mark it seems to be depreciating rapidly.

Among the many defects it has accumulated it recently began to delete my photos one by one, turning them into a black abyss with a smirking gray question mark. Of course I was horrified, I have thousands and thousands of photos of food alone, so you can imagine how many I have when you include people and travels. Luckily, I did have most of my pictures saved onto my external hard drive... that is until Sunday. No one knows exactly what happened, but my Iphoto library seems to be missing, kidnapped from my very own external, hence the recent shortage of posts.

But fear not, I am determined to find these precious photographs and continue to update The Hungry Heretic, even if it means telling Mr. Jobbs himself about the piece of shit his lovely laptop has become. They seriously need expiration date stickers like their apple counterpart!

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  1. type in "apple" into google docs. Do it. We really are controlled by Big Business!!! ( I found this out when looking for food pictures for my Spanish tots)