Saturday, April 2, 2011


Roast Beef. In my mind Roast Beef is something your old Jewish Grandma should make you. It never even occurred to me that non-jews eat Roast Beef too, let alone in the South (and on a po boy).

Apparently people love Roast Beef sandwiches, and I must say I really didn't understand why. Maybe it's because I never liked the way my mom cooked it, but Roast Beef was never my thing. That is until I went to Parasol's.

Parasol's Bar and Restaurant is most famous for their Roast Beef Po Boy, which was featured on the Food Network, so even though I'm not a big fan, I had to try their specialty. And let me just say, God damn non-jews no how to make Roast Beef! Parasol's bookends their super saucy slow cooked meat between two slices of garlic bread,and dresses it with lettuce, tomato, and Blue Plate Mayo.

Instead of dry, bland Roast Beef I got juicy deliciousness. Combine that with a tasty Bloody Mary and I'm sold. At this point I'm convinced that you can throw anything on some french bread and dress it like a po boy and still come out with something mighty tasty.

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