Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Underdogs

It's day 4 of Po Boy week and the heat is on. After much anticipation I will finally share my secret spot for cheap, delicious, ENORMOUS po boys! Get ready for it... Louisiana Discount Market, located on the corner of Louisiana and Carondolet, this joint is only blocks from me and fantabulous. The Hot Sausage po boy pictured below literally was about a foot and a half and cost me $4.45, FOR REAL! These babies are not only super cheap and HUGE, but also really tasty!
New Orleans is one of the few places where you can not only find edible food at Convenient Stores, but also some really spectacular grub sometimes. Stores like Verti Mart are well respected in the quarter as New Orleans staples, serving up all the local authentic cuisine with a tiny price tag attached. However, many of these gems don't get the kind respect they deserve (like Louisiana Discount Market). Their food is fresh and delicious and always made to order. It took almost twenty minutes to get the po boy pictured below because they fried the fresh (raw) catfish right when we ordered it.
One of my favorite po boys to get at my neighborhood market is the shrimp po boy. This baby is under 5 bucks and comes piled high with tons of crispy fried shrimp. Of course, with the lower price comes cheaper, smaller shrimp, but it still makes for a fabulous sandwich (especially when they pour on some Crystal hot sauce, which they always do).
Of course, I must admit that it is not my favorite fried shrimp po boy in the city. I've been hearing a ton of feedback about where to get the best po boy in town, and a bunch of folks have said Guy's (for their fried shrimp/catfish in particular).

I would have to agree with that opinion. Guy's really does make a phenomenal shrimp po boy. You couldn't feed an army with it like the one above, but it can make one lucky person VERY VERY happy.

I do also have to mention another corner store that is truly out of this world. Singleton's Mini Mart located in the Riverbend area is tucked away behind houses and yards, but is truly a diamond in the rough. This corner store serves up po boys and vietnamese food on saturdays, with a lovely selection of messy, asian style pork po boys.
Smothered in delicious sweet asian sauces, this pork is truly heavenly. They have a chinese style pork as well as a vietnamese style, and I honestly don't know which I like better. Definitely one of the best corner stores I have ever been too. Finger lickin good po boys and super friendly service.
Definitely check it out if you haven't already!
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  1. My favorite po-boy in the city is at Domilise's. Its an off the menu secret known only as "the special", and is probably the best thing to happen to po-boys ever!
    "The Special" is their classic shrimp po-boy topped with the au jus and swiss cheese from the roast beef po boy. The combo of shrimp, jus and cheese creates an explosion of amazing po-boy flavor. Go enjoy one for me! I promise you'll love it.

  2. Domilise's is gross and expensive.