Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ancora Pizzeria and Salumeria

Freret keeps getting better and better! Minus the recent disproportionate crime streak, the food scene is booming! First Dat Dog now Ancora, I'm overwhelmed with joy! As its' name denotes, Ancora Pizzeria & Salumeria serves up authentic napoletana pizza made in their very own wood-fired oven as well as house cured meats. I was lucky enough to be invited to their grande opening a few weeks ago and I've been dying to go back ever since. The fantastic meal started off with a bang with their Affetatti Misti, Italian for cured meat plate. This smorgasbord of salumi, panchetta, hogshead cheese, wild boar and delectable mustard berry chutney blew my mind. It was among the best salumi I have ever had.
Next came the appetizers. The market salad came with crisp green beans, tangy pickled onions and incredible home baked croutons. Apologies for the slightly blurry pictures, I was trying to do it incognito as to not embarrass anyone at my table.
Above is a very interesting version of stuffed tomatoes. These tomatoes were stuffed with a generous amount of cheese and anchovies, giving it a salty flavor that went well with the more mild bruschetta with summer squash.
Finally the pizza!
This wood fire oven, imported from Italy does wonders for Ancora's pies. The crust is crisp and crunchy with just the perfect amount of blackened crust on the bottom, scrumptious!
With little room in my stomach left to even breathe I still managed to try their out of this world dessert. Yes that is a giant ball of mascarpone cheese drizzled with honey and served with homemade raisin bread, and yes I was in heaven. This was definitely one of the best desserts I have had all year. Outstanding. And so fresh! I'm getting hungry writing about it!!!
Add some biscotti and gourmet coffee and WHOA, you have yourself a damn good meal.
Ancora Pizzeria & Salumeria is definitely an up and coming restaurant that you don't want to miss before it gets too crowded! Check it out!
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