Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crabby Jacks

Among the many po boy shops in the city my all time favorite is Crabby Jack's. Jack Leonardi, the owner of Jacques-Imo's Cafe, opened this incredible po boy joint back in 2002 and it's been hoppin ever since. This colorful restaurant is always lively and bustling with locals during lunchtime (the only time its' doors are open).
Until today my favorite thing to get at Crabby Jack's was their cochon de lait po boy. For those who don't know what cochon de lait, it is actually French for suckling pig... sad but delicious. Crabby Jack's slow cooks their baby pigs to perfection, smothering the tender morsels of meat with an incredible sweet and smokey sauce. It's basically the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.
However, the duck po boy was always a close second in my list of fabulous dishes from this joint, until this afternoon when I tried their Fried Green Tomato with Shrimp Remoulade po boy. OH MY GOD, phenomenal. One of the best things I've had all month, and I eat a lot of good food. Between the tangy delicious remoulade sauce and the hot cold dynamic of the warm fried tomatoes and the cold shrimp, Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm, I was in heaven.
These po boys do run up a pretty high bill for a sandwich but they are totally worth it! It's the type of food that leaves you silent with wonder at how your taste buds are in such a blissful state. Truly a lovely place to get lunch, but be prepared to get messy. Roll up your sleeves, stick a napkin down your shirt like a bib and dig in!
Not everyone is as big of a fan as I am, some people swear by Domilise's and Guy's, not to mention Parkway Bakery. I unfortunately haven't been to any of those in over 6 months so I need some recommendations from my loyal local readers before I enter them into the po boy off! Happy Po Boy Week!

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