Sunday, June 26, 2011

Commander's Palace

I moved!!!!!!! I am finally away from the University area and in the heart of the Garden District... not too far from none other than Commander's Palace.
And what better way to celebrate my move into adulthood than a gourmet meal from a fancy restaurant? Especially when they have 25 cent martinis!!!!
I'm not kidding, Monday through Friday, this classic New Orleans restaurant serves Martinis for just 25 cents during lunch hours. Along with their delicious mind-blowingly cheap refreshments, they also serve 2-course meals starting as low as $16.
With prices that affordable Eric and I couldn't resist! Above is a scrumptious appetizer recommended to us by our waiter because we mentioned we loved spicy food. These succulent shrimp were literally smothered in a sweet and tangy hot sauce and served with pickled onions and okra over a sauce reminiscent of Italian dressing. This was definitely our most photogenic dish of the day.
However, the Soup 1-1-1 was absolutely the most fun! I love trying just a little bit of everything so these tiny tea cups filled with Turtle Soup, Gumbo, and the Soup du Jour (a roasted Creole Tomato Soup) was just perfect for me.
For our entrees Eric went with a lightly battered and fried soft shell crab tossed with so many greens and local tomatoes it almost looks like a salad! This dish was super fresh and summery, definitely a well fried crab.
I went with a heavier (I think more delicious) dish made up of slow cooked pulled pork and a deep fried crawfish boudin ball. When I say heavy, I mean it! I could barely eat half of this, but it was sooooooo good!!!!! Even the corn salad underneath the boudin was incredible.
With all that delicious food left over and desert still on its' way, I had to ask to wrap up my lovely entree. Lucky for me my waiter made me a little friend to take home! Between the Martinis and the tin foil crab, I was pretty giddy at this point in the meal, and it only go better!
Bread pudding soufflé with warm whiskey cream, enough said. Food Coma! But the good kind, where your taste buds are still lingering on that last bite and your mind is drifting back and remembering how good the first one was.
Really a phenomenal, affordable lunch. I never thought of Commander's as a place that I could afford and enjoy with out the presence of my parents, but their more relaxed Lunch atmosphere is really welcoming and just right. I highly recommend it. Great for celebrating whatever happy occasion you have in store, and it won't brake the piggy bank!

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