Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gambino's Bakery

For people born and raised in New Orleans, Gambino's is a local institution. A great place to get all the local favorites including doberge cake, petite fours, and king cake.For the readers who are a bit lost at this point, let me explain what all these foreign terms mean. Starting off with the cutest of the bunch, petite fours are available around the country and the globe at many bakeries and tea rooms, but they seem to be a staple of the pastry world in this city. These tiny little bite sized cakes are jammed packed with sugar and usually have a hint of almond, giving them a wedding cake flavor.
King Cake is the most famous of the three previously mentioned desserts. It is a cake traditionally eaten during Carnival season and tastes something along the lines of a more bread like Cinnabun. Doberge is a layered cake, with pudding stuffed in between each layer of cake. This New Orleans classic dessert ordinarily comes in chocolate or lemon, but Gamino's also makes a similar square with red velvet cake. They also serve up brownie squares such as the caramel and chocolate loaded brownie pictured below.
Aside from traditional New Orleans deserts Gambino's also specializes in birthday and wedding cakes that are both gorgeous and said to be delicious.I have yet to try one of these gorgeously iced cakes, but there is definitely something to be said for their wonderful reputation.
If you're in Metairie craving something sweet you definitely should check it out!

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