Monday, June 6, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Saturday morning is notorious for three things, cartoons, hangovers, and my favorite... breakfast! Whether it's sugar cereal or gourmet eggs Benedict, people tend to give themselves more time to enjoy this lovely meal over the weekend. Mackenzie, Gavin and I used to have a pretty consistent Saturday morning feasting ritual, involving eggs, bacon and all the appropriate fixins. This lovely tradition tapered off a bit in the past few months but the Breakfast Club is back! And better than ever! Today I am showcasing a truly phenomenal creation.
This superb sandwich was crafted with love, hunger, and resourcefulness. After purchasing some of the fluffiest milk buns I've ever had from Duong Phong Bakery we knew these chewy golden loaves had to be involved in our masterpiece breakfast.
Of course, eggs were the next addition to the forming sandwich. To spruce up the old fashioned sunny side up "dippy egg" (as Jenn calls it). Mackenzie topped it off with some lovely green onion and crushed black pepper.
After lightly toasting the doughy buns we sauteed some onion and grilled apple Gouda sausage. Put it all together with a little ketchup and sriracha and you have absolute breakfast bliss.
But beware, if you're a messy eater like me you might end up with an EGGsplosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dun dun dun... until next time fellow eaters.

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