Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Treats

I took a little writing vacation the last week to fully celebrate my graduation, which I unfortunately stayed sick for, but I am finally feeling better - and just in time for summer! Schools are closing, the weather is warming up and we're all trying to loose those extra few pounds for bathing suit season. But even with all the summer dieting in session, one thing cannot go out the window: Ice Cream!!!! There is something just too wonderful about a refreshing frozen desert that brightens any summer day. Whether it's gelato, soft serve, or a milkshake, it's all too good to pass up. And oh so perfect for for a humid June afternoon.

Aside from sno-balls, one of my favorite chilled local desserts is Nectar Soda, an almond flavored beverage made of nectar syrup, club soda and vanilla ice cream. This beautiful float comes from none other than Creole Creamery(my favorite). And in case you're looking for a little pick me-up, let me just say that it is mighty fine with a bit of Malibu Rum to top it off.
Creole Creamery on Urbanspoon
If gelato is more your style fear not, your buttery Italian friend is not far. Located right in the heart of the city isAngelo Brocato's Italian Ice Cream and Desserts. This authentic gelateria serves up some of the best gelato I've had in the states. My favorite is Pistachio, but their chocolate hazelnut is a close contender.
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It has a great atmosphere and even better treats. Their coffee is also quite delicious. But my favorite part was their customers. Maybe I just happened to go on a good day, but everyone seemed to be in a particularly jolly mood. Young and old, getting giddy of ice cream and chocolate, two kids were even in their jammies. It was quite an adorable site to behold.

Then of course there are always sno-balls the New Orleans classic summer cool-down desert. Our tastier, even more cavity provoking version of a snow-cone. Ultra fluffy extra thin shaved ice drenched in sugary flavored syrup, how can you not like that? Drizzle a little condensed milk over the top and you have yourself a masterpiece. But if that's not doing it for you, this may... imagine all of that tasty goodness with soft serve ice cream hiding in the middle. That's right I said it. It's like if a Wendy's Frosty and a Plum Street Sno-Ball miraculously merged into one super dessert! Not all sno-ball joints have the frozen yogurt machine to create this spectacular concoction, but please, for your own sake, if you can get it "stuffed" DO IT.

Finally, if you are just too gosh darn healthy to consume any of the previously mentioned sinful delights, I have just the fix. No, it's not a smoothie from Jamba Juice or Smoothie King (although those can really hit the spot sometimes), it's Boba tea! Often called bubble tea, these odd smoothies come in all sorts of strange flavors with tapioca pearls floating on bottom. Many of the flavors are chock full of sugar (not too much healthier than the other frozen sweets) but the tapioca actually is a great source of iron... plus, they're really fun to chew (and use as spit balls, mature, I know!). One of my favorite odd ball flavors is Avocado. I kid you not, it is wonderfully fresh and great on a hot day. But milk tea and thai tea are great flavors too if you want something a little different, but you're not into drinking vegetables, which is totally understandable but you should rethink that decision!

You can find these fun shakes at most Vietnamese restaurants and in the Hong Kong Market complex. Check it out and let me know what your favorite flavor is so I can expand my Boba horizons!

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