Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pascal's Manale

With NOWFE (the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience) kicking off this week I wanted to take some time to do some restaurant reviews myself. This food festival brings in foodies from all over the country, and globe, who all think they know exactly what they're talking about. Some are genuinely nice people looking for some good grub and friendly people, others have a stick stuck up the wrong end and can't seem to get the pretension out of their back handed comments. But from someone who lives and eats in New Orleans, and has for 4 years, here's my opinion of some of the top notch joints in this lovely city.

If you ask anyone around here where to get the best BBQ shrimp at least 7 out of 10 will say Pascal's Manale. Located on the ever so beautiful Napolean Avenue, I drive by almost everyday, but had never had the pleasure of peeling and biting into one of these famous shrimp until my godparents came in town for my graduation.
They are quite beautiful but I must say I was definitely disappointed. I've been hearing about these "phenomenal" shrimp for years, some even go as far to say that it is the ONLY place you should get them in the city, but to be honest there was nothing BBQ about them. It was simply shrimp drowning in butter, which of course is tasty, but not BBQ! Until recently, my favorite BBQ shrimp could be found at Bacco, a lovely Brennan's restaurant that unfortunately closed down a few months back. Those shrimp were blackened and smokey and smothered in butter, but these merely have the butter factor. I've been told K Paul's has some great BBQ shrimp so I'll have to check that out soon. But I was not completely disappointed by Pascal's Manale. First of all, their bar is adorable and they make some great extra dirty gin martinis. Plus, their soft shell crab was really tasty.
The oysters were a bit too meaty for me, but they have an awesome standing oyster bar that would be great for a casual date or even game night with the boys.
Get ready for some more reviews, I'm tired of tourists telling everyone wrong information!
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  1. Hmm.. I've never had BBQ shrimp at Pascale's Manale, but I am a fan of "BBQ shrimp" (aka buttery, garlicy goodness) in general.