Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bye Bye College

I graduate college in exactly 6 days, that's right no more school EVER!!!!! As you can tell, I'm super pumped to be done but there are a few things Im going to miss, the people (of course), my relatively stress free life, the strange conversations I have with professors, and last but most certainly not least, the drinking culture. Now I'm not saying that I'm an alcoholic or anything along those lines, but I do thoroughly enjoy employing the its 5 o' clock somewhere logic. And that is most definitely the college approach. I can just always justify having a tasty beer, whether it's 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, a brewsky is always the answer.

Of course I can continue living my life that way, but it may prove challenging when I have a 9-5 job. Then it really will be 5 o' clock when I'm catching a swig of a nice refreshing ale.

At this point it's a toss up between my top four favorite local beers, Abita Strawberry, Covington Strawberry, Covington P40 and Turbodog. Each has it's own fantastic qualities. Covington on tap is definitely my favorite, somehow when it's on tap it is magical. If Boddington's cream ale and Nestle strawberry milk powder had a baby it would taste like this heavenly seasonal beverage. I'm convinced that part of why I'm so enfatuated by this beer is it's lack of availability. Supply and demand is a beautiful thing. And until very recently it could only be found on tap at a few bars. I seriously had a party when I found out it was finally bottled. Unfortunately it loses some of it's creamy goodness when it's not on tap.

The other Covington Brewery brew I love is also very rare, in fact it has a private contract with American Sector, and is only sold there! (Which is why I'm there for happy hour to get this fantastic creamy light beer at least once a week).

Finally, the last two are from none other than the Abita brewery.

Abita Strawberry, and Turbodog. Nobody ever seems surprised that I enjoy the Strawberry (as most girls my age do), but the Turbodog does get some interesting responses. This dark beer is an English Brown Ale, which tastes just as chocolaty and roasted as a stout, but a little lighter on the hops, in other words, it's perfect. It's roasty flavor gives it a hint of espresso bean, and with the right food pairing you could think you're drinking coffee, often just the pick me up you need for a long day of day drinking.

As the wise Homer Simpson once said, "Alcohol, it's the cause and solution of all of life's problems."



  1. Any advice on where to find the Covington Strawberry on tap?

  2. definitely Ms. Maes and the Bulldog and probably anywhere else that has a large selection of local beers