Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost Famous

The Hungry Heretic is finally getting some hype! First it was featured on The Shed's facebook page, then on some random UK food blog called Chubbs and Chunks, and now on the wall of Dat Dog, one of my new favorite restaurants!

Apparently, Constantine Georges, one of the owners of Dat Dog found my post while googling his fine restaurant one night. Flattered by my raving revue he printed out my article and hung it up right next to a review from an actual publication! It's actually hung in two places, one is on the wall next to the counter and one is in the bathroom. I couldn't be happier to be someone's bathroom reading.

I discovered my new fame the other day when friends of mine saw my article hanging on the wall.

Of course, I had to thank the proprietors for being so kind so I naturally went right over to show my appreciation. Little did I know that Constantine would be such a warm and friendly man. He was so pleased to meet the girl who called his delicious dogs "orgasmic" that he told me next time I come in I get a dog on the house!

Hopefully there will be more friendly owners and free swag to come.

Happy Eating!

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