Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favorite Deadly Sin

Not surprisingly, Gluttony has always been a sin that I have happily engaged in... although sloth is a close second in my ranking of favorites. Over the past week and a half in New York City I have not failed in either regard, sleeping in until noon and eating my way through Manhattan. Here are some highlights... enjoy!

Of course no trip to New York is complete without a stop in Magnolia Bakery for some scrumptious cupcakes. Luckily, my wonderful friend Aria has a convenient connection that hooked us up nicely! Aside from the complementary cupcakes, Aria scored us some Banana Pudding that is seriously godly!

Although it is not a famous Big Apple restaurant, Tenzan is a staple for my family. Though it has recently been remodeled, it once was a tiny little sushi bar, just blocks from Magnolia (and my Aunt and Uncle's apartment).
I've never had fish as fresh as at Tenzan. Their Toro and Chilean Sea Bass is to die for and I couldn't resist getting their Udon when a cold snuck up on me.

On my second to last night my Aunt and Uncle graciously took me out to Cafe Luxembourg, an adorable and outstanding French Restaurant, which has succulent Steak Frites, and Wild Boar Ravioli. To be honest, the ravioli was smothered in a citrus sauce, which I found overwhelmed the taste of the meat.

Although I was disappointed with my Wild Boar, I'm convinced that the recipe for my salad was a divine creation, made specially for me with my unique taste in mind. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but I have four words: bacon, cheese, poached eggs. I know, I know it sounds like breakfast doesn't it?!?! But let me tell you, it was phenomenal! I kept struggling to not scarf it all down in one bite. Half of me wanted to savor every bite, and the other half was so entangled by it's glorious combination of flavor and texture that I could barely stop myself from inhaling it.

While waiting for desert my cousin Michael discovered a new surprisingly good pairing. Get ready for it... hot chocolate and french bread. Seriously, it's actually really good! It tastes like a nice moist brownie/bread hybrid, a little on the soggy side but the crust stays nice and chewy.

Speaking of crust, I finally tried New York Whole Foods pizza. Now you're probably thinking that it sounds a little strange how excited I am to try it, considering the fact that there are Whole Foods stores everywhere; however, my friend Joanna, a native New Yorker, has assured me many times that the pizza at the Whole Foods in NY is a thousand times better than back home. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical, but after hearing her rave about it on New Years I knew I had to try it out for myself. Let me tell you, I should not doubt her again, it was great, and very experimental. They had Hoison Chicken with Tangerine, Calamari pizza (which was too salty), and here's my favorite: Fennel Grape pizza, it was delicious!

For dinner tonight we ordered in from a nearby chinese restaurant. Of course, Michael and I decided to get a feast of pork products, including spare ribs, fried pork dumplings, and pork buns. Yummmmmmy.

Which reminds me, I had another incredibly unhealthy, but delicious breakfast on the go this morning: Bacon and Tea. Literally. That's it. It was AWESOME.

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