Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Fridays

Since my freshman year at Tulane my friends and I have had a lovely tradition of celebrating the end of the week with a fun friday activity. I am lucky enough to still be friends with these people, and now they're actually my roommates!

Originally, friday afternoons were devoted to daiquiri picnics at the fly (a park on the levee five minutes away from Tulane). As we got older it somehow transformed into tasty food adventuring (usually involving thai food or pho). We dropped the ball a bit last semester, but we are intent on reinstating our fun friday tradition.

We started off on the right foot yesterday, the first friday of the semester, by going to Blue Plate Cafe. I've heard incredible things about "Blue Plate Specials" for years now, but have never been able to put in my two cents.... that is, until now. Mackenzie and I decided to split the shrimp and grit cakes, which were incredible! Unlike usual shrimp and grits, this dish is prepared with polenta cakes, lightly fried and crispy on the outside, and luxuriously creamy on the inside. The shrimp is tossed in a thick cream sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes and together it is just wonderful.

I continued the long weekend food festivities last night at Cafe Negril, where the Frenchman Taco Cart has established a permanent home. Their burritos are legitimately the best mexican food you can find in the city. Pineapple pork is my favorite, but their chicken and steak are good contenders.

After a long night of shenanigans we ate off the morning after wooziness at Oak Street Cafe for a very late breakfast/brunch. Now off to cook some tasty dishes for a potluck!

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