Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hangover Helper

Like most 20-something year olds, sunday morning can sometimes be quite a strugglefest for me. Between dizziness, groggyness and the vague feelings of nausea, hangovers are never fun. Contrary to popular belief that coffee is the number one solution to a hangover, the real cure is fried chicken. I kid you not. Any college student will tell you, greasiness is an absolute must... something about coating your stomach or absorbing the alcohol. Probably all urban legend, but I'm willing to run with it if it means I can justify eating fried chicken for breakfast.

I must have mentioned it before, but in case I didn't make it clear the first time, I LOVE fried chicken, like "will you marry me?" "we're destined to be together" LOVE. I basically crave it 24/7, and need to get my fill at least once a week.

So today being sunday, and a particularly rough morning for me and my roommates, fried chicken had to be on the agenda.

Of course Popeye's had to be one of our stops on our fried chicken tour, but I couldn't leave out my neighborhood convenient store's variety of crispy thighs and breasts.

So naturally, we made it into a little competition. Unfortunately for the little mom and pop establishment, Popeye's crispy, crunchy skins way surpassed the merits of the corner store's bird. However, the convenience store chicken was significantly less greasy (shocking) and still had a nice bite to it, although it was definitely over seasoned with some Tony's cajun spice.

But the biscuits are another story. Even with all the hype about Popeye's famous golden biscuits, the winner was the chewier sweeter ones from the mini mart.

This may be a little biased because I usually find Popeye's biscuits too salty for me (I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for saying that), but the corner store ones really were much better, and so delicious with honey!

I think I need to stop writing now because all this talk about chicken is making me want to go find some more, and twice in one day is just too much. Even for me.

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