Monday, September 12, 2011

NOLA Princess Parties

I recently started a new business and am launching my site today! Drum roll please..... I now am not only a food writer/waitress/non-profit slave, I'm also a party entertainer! Not just any kind of entertainer, a Princess Party Entertainer! This business venture is not exactly traditional, but it has been a pipe dream of mine since my 7th Birthday Party, when I had my very own Aladdin and Jasmine impersonators (a.k.a. my babysitter and her boyfriend).  So I am finally pursuing my dream career from childhood (yes, I am that desperate for extra cash and a job I can have fun with). I know many of my friends will laugh when they read this, but I need to spread the message on the web so I can get more customers!!!!
 is tailored to girl's Birthday Parties, but I do all sorts of parties. Just name the occasion and I'll likely have a costume for it!

So tell your friends, sisters, brothers, parents, children, teachers, neighbors... There's a new Party Entertainer in town!

Check out to find out more about packages, booking, themes, and costumes!

Spread the word!!!!

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