Tuesday, September 6, 2011

East Buffet

Are you tired of eating at home? Can you only afford an appetizer at most restaurants? Don't worry, me too! That's why I've been on a serious hunt for affordable dinning in this city. In my most recent OffBeat Magazine tell-all A Buffet Revival at East Buffet I wrote about my rediscovery of all-you-can-eat buffets.

I was always a bit on the snobby side of the pan-asian buffet scene, but my tight budget led me down to Severn in Metairie and right to East Buffet. I was stunned to find some really tasty food displayed  under the glaring heat lamps.
  East Buffet carries all sorts of different delicacies and cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Korean Hibachi, American, and tons of boiled Seafood.

Their salad bar had a wide array of different ethnic salads including Japanese seaweed salad, Vietnamese pickled carrot and Daikon and Korean Kimchi.

East Buffet had all the usual Chinese-American dishes including lo-mein, fried rice, and as many different styles of chicken as you can think of. 
They also had Tempura fried vegetables, green beans and many other hearty green vegetables (covered in super unhealthy sauces of course).

I was a little hesitant to try the sushi... something about all-you-can-eat and raw fish just doesn't seem to mesh well in my mind, but I decided to try it anyway and it was actually pretty good, not great, but good. And they have an entirely deep fried spicy crawfish roll that I think should definitely be at the next Louisiana State Fair!

Watch out Texas! This might be more unhealthy than deep fried butter!

 The best roll I had was the tiny seaweed salad and cucumber roll shown above... it actually was better than the seaweed salad itself.
Aside from sushi and Chinese, East Buffet is well worth your money for the seafood alone. Crawfish, shrimp crab, clams, octopus, everything!
The octopus salad was great with some soy sauce!
They even had pork buns!

And fried food galore!
Definitely not a healthy place to eat, but very tasty.
And their dessert is not much healthier: Chinese Doughnuts and Froyo! Yummmm!
 So don't let being on a budget be a buzz kill. Find out more about prices, hours and location (and what I thought of the food) in A Buffet Revival at East Buffet.
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