Saturday, February 26, 2011


Pizza, a triangular slice of heaven. No fork required, great for kids (and drunk adults), super cheesy, and it always hits the spot. Over the years, America has truly bastardized Italy's wonderful creation. Commercializing it as a thick crust circular pie with triangular slices (unless you're getting square pizza from Domino's of course). However, that is not how the Italians originally meant it to be. Luckily, outside of Papa John's and Digiorno, America has created a whole new kind of Pizza.

American Pizza is cheesier, chewier and varies from region to region. Of course New York pizza is the most famous, but Chicago's deep dish version is a close second. What people don't know about is New Orleans Pizza. Now this is probably because honestly we don't have very good pizza, but we make do with what we got, and it's no longer Pizza Hut.

My roommate Taylor and her boyfriend William are Pizza fiends, they eat it at least three times a week, if not more. So naturally I tagged along on one of their many Pizza outings. Having only eaten New Orleans Pizza at the Doughbowl, a hole in the wall directly attached to the Boot (a bar basically on Tulane's campus); I was excited to try something new. We decided to go to Slice, a cute date spot with a location on Magazine and St. Charles.

It turned out I knew my waitress Holly (and she told me she follows The Hungry Heretic) so of course I had to include her restaurant in this post. Slice has a large menu of really interesting Pizzas with toppings I never thought of trying before. At this point I've begun just ordering the strangest thing on the menu, so when I saw their Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Pizza I had to get it. It was definitely an interesting combo. I'd recommend using a fork and knife for this one, and definitely using hot sauce.

But my favorite odd topping Pizza in the city comes right from my Restaurant's kitchen for family meal. Before the Restaurant opens for business the chefs prepare a meal for the staff. I'm not always a huge fan, but Pizza Sunday is AWESOME! Luckily, one of the chefs used to work at Domenica (our Rustic Italian sister restaurant) so he knows how to make a bangin Pizza. They have all sorts of toppings on them, most recently my favorite was the roasted duck, but sunny side up eggs and bacon are incredible toppings too! And anchovies are surprisingly delicious.

With all these odd ball Pizzas roaming around Mackenzie decided to make her own version... on a grill. Its like bringing BBQ chicken pizza to a new level. She kept it simple with sliced tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella; but I decided to top it of with some hoison sauce and a little sriracha. BEST IDEA EVER. When in doubt always add some asian sauces.

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  1. Three additional reflections:

    Slice has the best bruschetta in New Orleans. Their happy hour half-off appetizer deals are muy bueno.

    Gotta rock the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen some time. Their pizzas are stone oven baked with fresh topping and thin, crispy crust. Give me on with ricotta, sun dried tomatoes, & prosciutto and call me a happy man. Their gnocchi is also off the hook.

    Finally, Reginelli's is the favorite place of most my friends. The pizza is pretty good, but I must be honest in saying it's the 2$ pitchers of Abita Amber that draw them on Monday and Tuesday nights.