Sunday, February 13, 2011

Better than Kix

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. A meal that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. A meal for losers and champions alike. A time when you can reconnect with your inner child and enjoy a bowl of cereal while watching early morning cartoons. The king of the sweet-savory dynamic.

Sausage. Biscuits. Bacon. Eggs. Coffee. Hot Cakes. Grits. Orange Juice. Oatmeal. English Muffins. Omelets. Toast. Waffles. Cheese. Hash-browns. Milk. Syrup. Really it all speaks for itself.

My taste buds were quite abnormal as a little girl. Unlike most hyperactive tots, sugar cereal was not my idea of tasty. My sweet tooth has kicked in since then, but as a child my favorite cereals were Kix, Special K, and Wheat Chex (boring, I know). This was a bit of a problem because my house was usually fully stocked with Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, and other ridiculously sugary dry cereal. And since my mother was a terrible cook back then I began to hate breakfast. For years I would skip this beautiful meal, entirely ignorant to what I was missing.
But that is no longer the case. I have clearly become a devout believer in the breakfast gods and pay them respects every morning when I make my scrumptious and nutritious day starter. To me, the term "Balanced Breakfast" that gets tossed around so often in Kellogg's commercials actually means the carb to protein to fat ratio (aka pastry to egg, cheese and bacon). When making my own American breakfast I like to have three things present: 1. Eggs 2. Some sort of toasty bread like substance 3. Bacon or Sausage.

Number 3 can also be swapped out for cheese, and my new favorite breakfast is golden syrup. It is the best syrup you will ever have, puts maple to shame. Now when I make my faux McDonalds McMuffin I dip it in this glorious sweet sauce and it magically transforms in my mouth into a McGriddle!!!!! It's like Magic!

Until just a few years ago I hated eggs. My recent change of heart is in part due to living in Ghana for five months as a vegetarian, where that was the only protein available to me, and partially due to a recent discovery.

Whether you're having turkey bacon or fancy BBQ swine bacon, the key to good eggs is cookin them right up in the piping hot bacon grease. Apparently this is common knowledge, but considering the fact that bacon was blasphemous in my household, I never knew how transformitive its' grease could be. It's becoming my new favorite secret ingredient, although now it's probably not so secret.

Oh and of course the ultimate breakfast condiment: hot sauce. Obviously it's pure love.

If you're finding my All-American/English breakfast descriptions boring, fear not, the last morning dish I'd like to share with yall is quite the strange one. Breakfast pizza. Oh yes I said it. And I don't mean cold left over pizza the next morning. This handcrafted pie was created by one of the chefs at my restaurant for family meal and I was legitimately freaking out when I saw the toppings. Bacon Lardons and a Sunny Side Up Egg, CRAZYYYYY!!!! And so good!!!!!

I must get food now! The last thing I ate was a bite of a Philly Cheese Steak Po Boy from Gene's Po Boys at 6 am... not my healthiest choice, but sooooo delicious!!!!!!!

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