Monday, August 29, 2011

Hungryheretic Homemaker Tips & Tricks: Ironing

Though this is technically a food blog, I had to make an exception to share this incredible trick with yall. I'm no Martha Stewart, but I have a few homemaker tricks and shortcuts up my sleeve, especially when it comes to ironing. Like many others, I HATE ironing. It's heavy, annoying, and knowing my clumsiness, dangerous. For years I straightened out my wrinkly blouses with a straightening iron (seriously)  until I discovered wrinkle release spray! This wonderful spray bottle holds a magical potion that will make even the most wrinkly shirt presentable, and it only costs a few bucks!
You can easily and safely make this miraculous concoction at home. All you need is water, fabric softener and a spray bottle. Simply drop two capfuls of fabric softener in the spray bottle and fill the rest with water.

Check out what the generic brand looks like in my newest video clip. Enjoy!

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