Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Last Supper

The Last Supper is just a week and a half away!!! No, I'm not talking about THAT last supper, though there will be a minor Chirstian theme to this one too (considering the star is a Reverend), I'm talking about  The Last Supper of The Man Who Ate New Orleans! Unlike the original last supper, this will NOT be a gloomy event, infact, it's a celebration! Celebrating Ray Cannata's accomplishment of his monsterous goal of eating at every restaurant in NOLA!!!! Plus, it's an event to showcase and promote the fabulous film that follows Cannata's gastronomic journey through New Orleans Cuisine, appropriately titled The Man Who Ate New Orleans.
The big event will be on October 21 at the St. Charles Hilton, with music by Rebirth Brass Band and fully catered by Besh Steakhouse (wine pairings included). The guests will be the first to see a short from the documentary, and may end up in the real deal because the dinner will be filmed and added to end of the feature! So if you want to possibly be in a movie, while sipping on wine, dancin to Rebirth and grubbin on fancy steak you DO NOT want to miss this EPIC event! Tickets are $200 per person (and partially tax deductible, woohoo!) and are available online.
I sure hope to be there, Don't You?!?!?!?!?

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