Monday, October 10, 2011

Cafe Reconcile V. Liberty's Kitchen

For my newest OffBeat article, Good Deed on a Dime at Liberty’s Kitchen and Cafe Reconcile, I decided to have a philanthropic twist in honor of the recent Jewish Holiday: Yom Kippur, aka the day of repentence dun dun dun.... So of course in my very own heretical fashion, I found a way to do a good deed by eating unkosher food!
Above is a gorgeous photo of a fried crawfish remoulade salad from Cafe Reconcile, restaurant pictured below.
The food is really fabulous here, but my favorite part about the restaurant is that we share the same tag line!! I knew "Feed Your Soul" was a good one.
One of my favorite reconcile dishes is their boneless fried chicken, to find out more about it check out Good Deed on a Dime at Liberty’s Kitchen and Cafe Reconcile.
cfe Reconcile sure kicks butt when it comes to good old fashioned soul food, but when it comes to salads, Liberty's Kitchen absolutely comes in first.
To find out more about this awesome salad read
Bon Appetite!
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