Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Willie Mae's Scotch House

As I've made explicitly clear in many previous posts, fried chicken is my absolute number 1 food, even more than bacon. I don't necessarily think that it's the most delicious food there is, but I am ALWAYS down for some tasty fried chicken, even for breakfast... which is just what I did today. Two of my good friends from work happen to be the siblings of Kerry Seaton, the owner of Willie Mae's Scotch House, which is notorious for having the BEST fried chicken in the country. I'm not even kidding, they've been featured on the Food Network and The Travel Channel.
So of course I had to try out this Seaton family treasure and see if my friend Deanna was telling the truth about how good her sister's restaurant is. Let me just say that her description did not even come close to how incredible this chicken is. It was literally the juiciest, crispiest, flakiest, tastiest bird I've ever had. So juicy in fact that it tasted like fried butter (in the best way possible of course)!

Unfortunately Willie Mae's is only open for Lunch from 11-3 Monday through Saturday. So if you happen to find yourself in the Treme in the afternoon DO IT. You will not regret it, it is spectacular. And if Deanna is your waitress tip her well!!!!

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  1. You need to stop making me hungry at 2 am.

  2. haha too bad!!! You need to stop living so far away! We still need to have a tea party next time you visit!