Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iron Chef New Orleans

Although Mackenzie and I often cook meals together, we had an interesting little competition happen quite by accident a few weeks ago. There must have been something in the air because for some strange reason we both decided to make Italian Sausage with shell pasta for dinner. Now this isn't a coincidence out of convenience, it's not like we share groceries (aside from milk and eggs) we seriously just both went to the store and happened to buy almost the same exact ingredients, with some minor differences. I had whole wheat tiny shells, and she had larger traditional Italian ones.
Our sausage was also slightly different, but quite close. So with these two ingredients (and onion of course) we both set out to make our respective pasta dishes. Of course, my mind went straight to Iron Chef. Mackenzie wasn't as keen on it being a competition, but she couldn't deny the parallels to the show. We didn't say it was officially a competition, but obviously we both wanted our own recipe to be triumphant.
Clearly I was the underdog in the competition, but I think my creativity caught her off guard. Usually when I do something that I think is cool and innovative, other people tend to find it minorly repulsive (such as hoison on pizza) but this time I actually made something that looked, smelled, and tasted really good!
Unlike Mackenzie's traditional tomato based sauce I went for a southwestern spin. As a wannabe cowgirl from out West I had to stay true to my roots and use three of my favorite ingredients: corn, black beans, and BACON! Together with the onion, sausage and whole wheat pasta- whewww it was awesome!
I can't lie, Mackenzie's dish was also incredible (and it looked way prettier than mine) but my tastebuds know what they like and spicy bacony blackbean sauce is just the ticket.

Until next time on Iron Chef New Orleans....

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