Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vietnamese New Year!

In honor of the Vietnamese New Year I wanted to post quite a few photos of incredible Vietnamese cuisine from all over the city!
Above is a beautiful bowl of pho from Singleton's (a spectacular corner store in the Black Pearl). Their Pho is a bit on the peppery side, but still phenomenal (or shall I say pho-nomenal! sorry...had to!).
Singleton's Poboy on Urbanspoon 
This fabulous beverage is from Pho Orcid in Metairie. This Egg-Cream-esque drink is an exquisite combo of condensed milk and soda water. Stir it all together and viola! delicious drink!
Pho Orchid on Urbanspoon

Aside from their large list of fantastic drinks, Pho Orchid serves up a lot more than just pho!
Their egg rolls and Banh Mi were good, but not as fabulous as what you'll find in the East or on the West Bank, but great Vietnamese fare for Metairie. The pork itself in both was delicious, but the Banh Mi was very under-dressed, leaving pat'e and aioli to be desired. 
Last, but certainly not least is one of my absolute favorite places to get pho (Aside from Pho Danh 4 and Pho Nola of course!). Below is a photo of probably the best pho broth I have ever had. Granted, I was a bit inebriated at the time, but I remember it being out of this world! You can get this alluring bowl of soup late into the evening down the Street from Mimi's in the Marigny at the Lost Love Lounge Vietnamese Kitchen. I originally was obsessed with going here because they used to be called "Pho King" (say that one 3 times fast)! 
Lost Love Lounge Vietnamese Kitchen on Urbanspoon
Though I am quite disappointed with the name change, their pho more than made up for it (plus the karaoke... oh ya, karaoke! Its awesome). 
Like Pho Orchid, their pho was not nearly as mind blowing (or cheap) as what you'll find in the East or in the Wank, but still pretty good (and definitely awesome in the middle of the night).

So in summation, Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) was yesterday, Vietnamese food is incredible (and my favorite), and its Tuesday- So go get yourself some pho/banh mi/ and spring rolls and celebrate the Year of the Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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