Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tasty Travels

As a resident of New Orleans I have an endless supply of delicious food to choose from. However, variety is not the name of the game. The South is not exactly known for its' availability of say Cuban or Vegan food, although we do have some great Vietnamese food on the West Bank of the Mississippi River; but if you like spicy food you are well taken care of!

Since we have a somewhat limited supply of ethnic cuisine, I get extremely excited to come home to LA for winter break and explore all types of new dishes. I was lucky enough to not only go out West but also go to New York this year. I just got to Manhattan last night but I've already had three delicious meals. I have a to-do list of various specialty restaurants in the city that I MUST try before I leave, and my cousins are fully prepared to be dragged all over town (even with the blizzard) to try strange concoctions and new cuisines. I came fully prepared with tums and pepto.

But before I get into all the new food adventures I am about to embark on in New York, let me first share with you some photos of delectable treats I stumbled upon in LA.

Indonesian Food from IndoCafe. Sooooo Goooooood!!!!!! It was fully packed with every kind of protein imaginable (except fish). This incredible dish consisted of Rice, Tempeh, Tofu, Beef, Indonesian Fried Chicken, Egg, Green Beans, Baby Corn, and two delicious spicy pepper sauces all wrapped in a giant Banana Leaf! Absolutely Ravishing!!!!!

My poor nice Jewish parents had to watch me eat this deliciously unkosher breakfast of a pineapple chicken sausage and applewood smoked bacon omelet stuffed inside a buttery croissant... glorious!!!! Thank you Cafe Laurent.

A strange snack a sweet little Chinese woman gave me on the airplane to NYC. I'm not sure if it was candied figs or some other strange chinese fruit. Whatever it was it wasn't very good, the lady spoke no English and I didn't want to offend her so I dug right in to my handful of mystery wormy looking munchies. I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't dried fish, which was my first guess, but I struggled to get through more than one of these strange treats.

Since I introduced my 14 year old cousin to, he's been my partner in crime in disgusting food concoctions. After sufficiently frosting my uncles birthday cake this evening (and eating half the frosting) we decided to get a little creative...

We tried frosting dipped Marshmallows, Starburst, and even cape cod potato chips!

Michael, the sugar fiend in the family, tried the sweets, but I attempted the chip-frosting combo with him, and it was actually pretty good! It tasted just like a yogurt covered pretzel... yummy.

Time to rest up for my big day tomorrow trudging through the 14-20 inches of snow tomorrow to complete my quest for duck fat french fries at Pommes Frites! Merry Munching!

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